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Volatile real estate market scenario, diminishing competitive differentiation, evolving regulatory norms, and tighter budget flows necessitate the real estate businesses to optimize expenditures and enhance its net operating income (NOI). Moreover, in the recent years, real estate companies have recognized the significance for outsourcing the lease administration services, while turning their prime focus towards enhancing core business competencies, and stakeholders' value proposition across every-sphere of operations.

Sybrant offers fully scalable real estate services, specialized in delivering best-in class Lease Abstraction and Mortgage services, catering to a large global clientele. Our rich domain expertise coupled with customer-centric approach enable us to understand the breadth and depth of our clients' requirements and business dynamics, thereby we prudently help our clients to spearhead in the competitive marketplace.


End-to-End and Fully Scalable Lease Administration Services

Sybrant provides a gamut of lease administration services, ranging from audits to business process re-engineering to back office functions, empowering companies to leverage the lease data in articulating persuasive strategies for better business decisions. Our offerings include

Lease Abstraction Lease Abstraction

We are a team of lease abstraction specialists / attorneys and our abstraction process flow involves stringent quality checks / measures to ensure 100% quality on dates & dollars. We handle abstraction in any abstraction platform or any templates as required by clients and deliver the abstracts in multiple formats such as XML, PDF, Microsoft Excel and Word

Lease ValidationLease Validation

Our Quality process involves a detailed lease verification process across the scope documents to ensure no discrepancies. We ensure that the abstracted output is always 100% and help you in validating the services of your abstraction service provider

Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management

We manage and maintain your portfolio right from the acquisition till deposition of a property. We don’t miss to update the amendments or addendums added to the lease agreement, so that you don’t miss on any critical dates or any change in payments

CAM ReconciliationCAM Reconciliation

Our expert team helps the property owners increase the possibility of higher recovery ratios and reduce the recovery time of receivables. We provide accurate audit of all past and current CAM charges to ensure that tenants are charged based on their agreement with the property owners

Lease AuditLease Audit

We scrutinize the lease documents and the reconciliation statements against the pass-through expenses charged, and ensure that the over charged amounts are recovered from landlord

Translation ServicesTranslation Services

We are multi-disciplined team of real estate/lease specialists, covering 20+ languages, cognizant of the evolving accounting standards & regulatory norms both globally and locally, accustomed with various currencies, proficient in lease terminologies relating to diverse geographical regions


Why Sybrant?

We enable our customers to focus their energies in growing its business potential at an improved operational efficiency, while we take ownership of your back-office work functions relating to lease administration involving contracts, and nitty-gritty paperwork that are time-intensive, tedious and mundane.

  • Emerging leader in lease administration and mortgage services
  • Cost-effective solution supporting dynamic lease administration requirements
  • Transparent SLAs, scalable delivery models and customized summaries & reporting
  • Tool-agnostic and ability to deliver in multiple lease abstract formats
  • Actionable Insights for better business decisions
  • Workflow management system ensuring streamlined delivery models.
  • Three-stage quality control strategies in place
Why Sybrant




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