Lease Abstraction

    Sybrant’s Lease Abstraction Services – Rely on the specialists

We are a team of lease abstraction specialists / attorneys and our abstraction process flow involves stringent quality checks / measures to ensure 100% quality on dates & dollars. We handle abstraction in any abstraction platform or any templates as required by clients and deliver the abstracts in multiple formats such as XML, PDF, Microsoft Excel and Word.

Sybrant has experience in handling Real Estate and Equipment Leases. We have handled several thousands of leases over the last few years. We have in-house expertise to handle leases in over 25 languages. Our team of dedicated abstractors can abstract into any database our customers have or simply provide the abstracted details in MS-Excel template.

  • Large-scale processing of lengthy and complex lease contracts.
  • Abstraction supported for various native languages.
  • Assured accuracy of all the data points gathered.
  • Multi-format outputs that can be integrated easily with client lease databases.
  • Abstract, cross-verify, scan, organize, and bookmark your lease documents of multiple languages.